Thursday, January 5, 2012


New year’s eve - clean house, organized bike and run stuff (John's mess), prepare spare bedroom into stretch/yoga room/sanctuary, put up photos of Chrissie and Craig, put my training plan beside the bed so I see it every morning and every night to stay motivated and focused (also hang plan on fridge, on my jail cell cubicle wall at work and in the yoga room).

New Year ’s Day - marks the first day of my Ironman journey. I am happy to report that it has been a successful week. Not one workout missed. WOOOOHHOOOO. However, yes there is a however, my runs have been cut in half. BOOOO. My flippin' IT band is wreaking havoc on me. I took the last two weeks off prior to the start of my training plan (it was for resting the IT band and to eat myself into oblivion over the holidays lol) in hopes that it would help. My first run was not fun. I got about 7km done of a scheduled 14km. With that I am back doing physio and am told I have very strong, developed quad muscles but got nothing in the rear end or hammies to balance out my upper leg which puts way more stress causing ITBS. I guess my sciatica is acting up too which is causing my hamstrings to be extremely tight and not allowing the full range of motion while running. Regardless, I am doing what needs to be done - exercises my physio gal pal given me to do 3 times a day and a DVD I need to watch and practice about ABCD sequences (running technique).  I will be good as new before you know it. I am pumped to have nailed all my workouts and look forward to the many more positive weeks.

On a nutrition front, I have purged the entire house of sugary substances.  Bad sugar!