Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February - FAIL

OK...  I am extremely disappointed in myself.  Since my exam I have not done anything,  I have lost every ounce of my motivation, there is no drive and no willpower to exercise.  John has been mad at me more then a few times because I refuse to go swimming with him.  I have only been out for one, yes one, 6km run which was last Thursday and I did P90X Yoga with John yesterday.  What is wrong with me???  I only have 95 days until the Toronto Half Marathon and I feel BLAH! 
I watched the 2010 Ironman video with John a couple of weeks ago as I think he was hoping this would inspire me again.... ....obviously it did not help.  I am still lazy!   I want to be fit and be a better athlete and watching John do so amazing with his training does inspire me but I can't seem to get out the door!  However, watching John also makes me tired thinking about exercising that much!

We did get all of our parts on for my new bike and John has it pretty much built for me.  All he needs to do is run the cables and tune it up.  This makes me happy and I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can ride... OUTSIDE!! 
My almost done Bike and Tyler  :)
My seat is on, yipe!

January totals

So for the majority of January I was doing really well with my pre-base training.  This month was just for me to get out there and go through the motions.  However, toward the end of the month I slacked...  granted I have an exam on February 9th so I have been studying my heart out.  AAGGHH..  I better pass!!!
I took my measurements this morning and have not lost any weight but my measurements are:
Chest - 35"       Waist - 27.5" (-0.5")        Hips- 35"       Thigh - 22"
Calf - 13 1/2" (-1/4")       Bicep - 10.5 (-1/2")       Neck - 12" (-1/2")
Body fat - 27.1% (-2.1%)
Water - 50.7% (+1.5%)
Muscle Mass - 90.2 lbs (+2.7lbs)
Bone Mass - 4.8 lbs (+0.2lbs)

I seem to gain muscle pretty good so this would offsets any weight loss.  However, John says that the scale does not mean anything.  How negative!!!
Here is my monthly activity.  There are a couple of runs missing as I have not uploaded them yet.

Monthly totals:
Bike - 10:00 hrs
Run - 4:50 hrs
Swim - 4:20 hrs