Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's working

Last week was a great training week.  I clocked almost 11 housr of training and it felt amazing. 
Swim - 4km
Bike - 140kms (6hrs)
Run - 27kms (2:50hrs)

I mentioned in my last post about my non-existent weight loss and that I was going to start counting calories.  Well, I gave Fitday.com another chance and good news....  they must have done some upgrading because it is pretty quick to upload your foods/activities.   I lost about two pounds.  I am so happy!  It really helps to see what you are eating and to be accountable for the calories/fat/carbs you put into your body.  I am going to continue to track my food intake and hope that the pounds keep coming off!  :) 

My bike on Saturday was cut short as my son had his first soccer practice at 1pm and did not get done until 3pm.  When I got home I brought my bike outside and then my tube stem just exploded.   So now I had to change my first flat on the new bike with no help as John was already on his 145km+ ride.  I changed it with ease.  :)  Now the time was almost 4pm and that left me with little time to do my whole 90km route.  I could have tried but did not want to chance losing daylight if something mechanical were to happen. On my way back home I seen a familiar face.  John came back to met me and we rode home together.  That added another 30kms for him - total 180kms.  He is a machine!!  :)

I will not be able to run with the Road Rebels on Tuesdays now as my sons soccer games are Tuesday evenings.  Now my Tuesdays are non-stop busy.  I get up make John breakfast and lunch, make myself lunch, go to work from 8-4, come home and immediately run 8km, then eat supper (when I say eat I mean inhale), drive Tyler to soccer for 6:15 (game is done at 8pm), then go to the pool for 8:20 and swim for 50min or 2kms, relax in the sauna for about 15min, shower, then go home.  When we are home I usually have to make John a snack them I am ready for bed.  Are you tired yet?  lol

Monday, May 2, 2011

April Totals

April has been more successful then last month.. I could have done better but I took a week off to let my shin splint heal.  I also should be doing something on the Mondays. I think I am just lazy!  May will be a better month.  I am making a promise to myself!  As well, I think I really need to control my calorie intake as I have not lost any weight.  I said in the beginning that it was not about weight loss but who was I kidding.  I want to see some pounds shed, damn it.  ;)   I don't think I eat bad at all but I find myself eating/snaking on anything/everything while I am making supper and then I sit down to eat supper too.  I need to stop snacking like this!  :(  I was using a calorie tracker, Fitday.com, but it takes so long to upload the info.  I have no patience so I stopped.  Maybe I'll give it another try. 
Yesterdays run was a rainy one.  I didn't make it out for the early morning Road Rebels group run as we were out late at a friends house watching UFC..  Go GSP!!    So we ran in the afternoon after it started to rain.  I took my two sons with me as I do not want to run alone (there has been some women attacked on the trails).  They rode their bikes while I ran.  We were all soaked.  Good quality family time!  hehe
Bike - 12:20hrs (249 kms)
Run - 13:30hrs (113kms)
Swim - 4:20hrs
Core - 1hr