Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February - FAIL

OK...  I am extremely disappointed in myself.  Since my exam I have not done anything,  I have lost every ounce of my motivation, there is no drive and no willpower to exercise.  John has been mad at me more then a few times because I refuse to go swimming with him.  I have only been out for one, yes one, 6km run which was last Thursday and I did P90X Yoga with John yesterday.  What is wrong with me???  I only have 95 days until the Toronto Half Marathon and I feel BLAH! 
I watched the 2010 Ironman video with John a couple of weeks ago as I think he was hoping this would inspire me again.... ....obviously it did not help.  I am still lazy!   I want to be fit and be a better athlete and watching John do so amazing with his training does inspire me but I can't seem to get out the door!  However, watching John also makes me tired thinking about exercising that much!

We did get all of our parts on for my new bike and John has it pretty much built for me.  All he needs to do is run the cables and tune it up.  This makes me happy and I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can ride... OUTSIDE!! 
My almost done Bike and Tyler  :)
My seat is on, yipe!


  1. I hear you. My motivation has been non existent since DECEMBER... but I hope after my 10km walk on Sunday and a short trainer ride yesterday that I'll feel more motivated. I want to do a quick 30 minute run tonight. I don't care how long..

  2. Less talk. More Sex.

    Hey - it could be cardio if it lasted longer than 2 minutes!. Oh wait... thats my fault. Nevermind.


  3. You are not the only one. I haven't trained lately and even though I have some excuses (been down with a bad cold, went on vacation for a week, etc) in the end I know that if I wanted to train I'd have found a way.

    Now that I ran out of excuses, hopefully I am going to resume my training. My plan is to start with baby steps - 30 min a day - and once I get back into my routine to slowly increase the time. I've just read Bryan's blog and he said that as of today, he's going to start a 21-day challenge to "eat like a saint, train like a saint, not drink any alcohol like a saint and get up early like a saint". While I do not have any ambitions of sainthood, I also plan to start a 21-day challenge myself: train for at least 30 minutes 21 days in a row, regardless of the weather or how I feel. They say that "The hardest piece of fitness equipment is the front door." and that's exactly how it is for me. Hopefully once I find my routine to get out of the house daily, I'll be able to start training properly again.

    You still have over 3 months until the Toronto Half Marathon, which is plenty of time to get in shape. Best of luck!

  4. I wouldn't get too worried about it. Everybody is\has gone through the "winter blahs."

    Go for the "baby wins." short swims or 20 minute runs etc

    it will come back

  5. Training feels fun in warm weather, going outside in the winter...well it is a struggle. I hear you on studying, with an assignment due in my own course work, training goes on the back burner a bit.

  6. Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate the pick-me-ups. I am starting to see down the road to Peterborough and I did go swimming with John last night. Mind you I kicked and screamed all the way there but I am soooo happy that I did and I don't have that hatred/disappointment toward myself for being a lazy bum! ;)

  7. warmer weather and outside rides....we are in NEEED!!!