Monday, March 28, 2011


It has been a while since my last post but John just fixed my laptop so I should have the opportunity to post more often.
This month has been another so-so month.  I am letting myself down on the training front.
Some good news though is that John and I have finally found a running group in town and we started running with them about two weeks ago.  They are the Road Rebels and they are amazing people and I hope that running with them will help keep me committed as doing it on my own has proven not to be very successful.     

Yesterday, John completed his 30km Around the Bay race in 2:48:32. What an amazing time for his first ever running only race! He still thinks he is fat and slow but I am very proud of him and strongly suggest that he see a psychiatrist for his body image problem! lol   Today we are both home as he is still pretty stiff and I am fighting some sort of bug.  I feel a lot of pressure in my chest and my cough sounds like a bark and it is very painful. My doctor called in a prescription for me so I will be on the mend soon. 

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  1. I hope that you get well soon Fran!
    Running with a running group is such a great motivator. Plus is more fun. I'm sure that your training log will be full of blue rectangles once your respiratory infection is gone.