Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shin splint

Ok, I may have pushed myself a little the last couple of weeks and now I am paying the price.

Two weeks ago the weekend weather was so nice and considering the loooonnnggg  winter I was desperate to get out for a real bike ride. I have not been on the trainer in a month and half and decided to go out for a 95 km ride by myself on Saturday as Mr. LOTC was out for his solo century ride.  I rode to my brothers, then to my parents and back home.  This was a tough ride.  There was a headwind all the way to my brother..  uuggh! Riding to my parents I thought about asking them to drive me home, but I didn't.  I would have hated myself if I cheated. 

Bike route to my brothers
Then on Sunday the weather was iffy at best.  While eating breakfast it was snowing, then raining, then snowing.  Hmmmm, this was going to be a very interesting run.  When we got to the meeting spot for the Road Rebels group there were only three of us that showed up.    Of course I could not keep up with John and the other runner so they ran together and left me in the dust.  I ran the 16kms all by myself and with longer run/walk times then normal.  I ran for 20min and walk for 2.  I usually will do 10 and 1's for my long slows.  The good news is that the snow and rain stopped and held off for the whole run..... Sweet!  I didn't notice my shins too much at that point but my legs were spent for the 7kms runs on the Tuesday and Thursday. The following Sunday I ran 18.5kms and that is what did me in as the group threw in hills.  Right,,,, I have not even worked on hills this year. Plus, they ran a faster pace then I am comfortable with!!  I couldn't even walk up the stairs without some strong discomfort. So last Tuesday was my last run and decided that it was time for some much needed to rest and healing as my half marathon that is only 31 days away. Wait, what...   OMG... that crept up fast!!!  AAGGHHHH.  I am not ready....  hee hee whooooo  (labour breathing...  LOL  ;) )
I ran last night for the first time in a week and the pain is still slightly there.  Once I got going I hardly notice it.  I will take it easy and swim tonight and run again tomorrow. 

This Saturday the forecast looks great so I hope to get out for another 90km ride.  Dear Mother Nature, please be kind and let it be warm and not windy..... we've had enough wind.... REALLY!  :)


  1. I'm glad you clarified, I thought for sure you were making horse sounds....

    You make me sound like I left you behind!@$!! I came back for you in the end - funny how you dont remember that part! I should have left you... ;)

    You are doing great! Just keep getting off that couch! :)

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