Monday, May 2, 2011

April Totals

April has been more successful then last month.. I could have done better but I took a week off to let my shin splint heal.  I also should be doing something on the Mondays. I think I am just lazy!  May will be a better month.  I am making a promise to myself!  As well, I think I really need to control my calorie intake as I have not lost any weight.  I said in the beginning that it was not about weight loss but who was I kidding.  I want to see some pounds shed, damn it.  ;)   I don't think I eat bad at all but I find myself eating/snaking on anything/everything while I am making supper and then I sit down to eat supper too.  I need to stop snacking like this!  :(  I was using a calorie tracker,, but it takes so long to upload the info.  I have no patience so I stopped.  Maybe I'll give it another try. 
Yesterdays run was a rainy one.  I didn't make it out for the early morning Road Rebels group run as we were out late at a friends house watching UFC..  Go GSP!!    So we ran in the afternoon after it started to rain.  I took my two sons with me as I do not want to run alone (there has been some women attacked on the trails).  They rode their bikes while I ran.  We were all soaked.  Good quality family time!  hehe
Bike - 12:20hrs (249 kms)
Run - 13:30hrs (113kms)
Swim - 4:20hrs
Core - 1hr


  1. Coach says:

    Have more sex. You should be on top more often too. This will help burn calories.

    ... and NOT wih GSP!

  2. LMAO at John's comment :-)

    Those are great totals Fran, especially that you took a week off! Keep up the good work!

  3. awesome Fran!!! I have also tried an on-line calorie counter on the Shape website and I agree, it takes way too long to upload everything I guess if you did it with your phone every time you ate it might not be so bad, but I did it at the end of my day. would be nice to keep an accurate total though. I am proud of you! xoxo And its sad but true what john said, good cardio also boosts your immune system and releases