Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's working

Last week was a great training week.  I clocked almost 11 housr of training and it felt amazing. 
Swim - 4km
Bike - 140kms (6hrs)
Run - 27kms (2:50hrs)

I mentioned in my last post about my non-existent weight loss and that I was going to start counting calories.  Well, I gave Fitday.com another chance and good news....  they must have done some upgrading because it is pretty quick to upload your foods/activities.   I lost about two pounds.  I am so happy!  It really helps to see what you are eating and to be accountable for the calories/fat/carbs you put into your body.  I am going to continue to track my food intake and hope that the pounds keep coming off!  :) 

My bike on Saturday was cut short as my son had his first soccer practice at 1pm and did not get done until 3pm.  When I got home I brought my bike outside and then my tube stem just exploded.   So now I had to change my first flat on the new bike with no help as John was already on his 145km+ ride.  I changed it with ease.  :)  Now the time was almost 4pm and that left me with little time to do my whole 90km route.  I could have tried but did not want to chance losing daylight if something mechanical were to happen. On my way back home I seen a familiar face.  John came back to met me and we rode home together.  That added another 30kms for him - total 180kms.  He is a machine!!  :)

I will not be able to run with the Road Rebels on Tuesdays now as my sons soccer games are Tuesday evenings.  Now my Tuesdays are non-stop busy.  I get up make John breakfast and lunch, make myself lunch, go to work from 8-4, come home and immediately run 8km, then eat supper (when I say eat I mean inhale), drive Tyler to soccer for 6:15 (game is done at 8pm), then go to the pool for 8:20 and swim for 50min or 2kms, relax in the sauna for about 15min, shower, then go home.  When we are home I usually have to make John a snack them I am ready for bed.  Are you tired yet?  lol


  1. Wait...maybe John should be making you a snack after all that! What a crazy day!

  2. Wow, Fran you're a hero. I do half the stuff that you do and I barely find the time for training.

    Glad to hear that the things are working out well for you. You deserve it. Keep up the good work! I'm sure that you'll do great at the Toronto Women's Half Marathon.

  3. no no Julie - she's in Training. It helps her burn calories and assume the 'good wife' role.

    It's best for everyone this way :)

  4. John should be cooking!!! You are doing SO amazing!