Friday, June 24, 2011

Woodstock triathlon - June 12th, 2011

Going into this race I was worried about my IT band as it's still causing some pain.  I tried not to think about it!  
Two of our sons as well as my Mom and sister came out to support John and I for this race!  :)  My sister is a hardcore cheerleader!  :)  Loved it!
Dylan and Tyler with their clappers!  :)

Almost back to transition.

Swim complete!
My swim: was strong I think.  I started in the last wave and caught up to some of the people in the second wave!  During my swim I was in awe regarding how aggressive some of the girls can be.  I was swimming along and I knew I was close to another swimmer but I am comfortable with this.... but obviously she was not because before I knew it she stopped and shoved me!  That's right, the b!tch shoved me!!!  Is this normal??    I just let it go and carried on my merry way!  lol

The bike: was freaking cold!  I wanted to put on my arm warmer and had them in my transition but John said after is warm up that I wouldn't need them.  Boy was I cursing him!  The headwind was enough to slow my pace considerably.  The only thing that helped me was knowing when I get to that turn-around I would fly back!  And I did.  Sweet! 

Running up a hill out of transition.
The dreaded run: was PAINFUL..  but I sucked it up and ran the whole damn thing in pain.  I found myself really limping afterwards.  Not good as my Half Ironman is only a month away at this point.  I think it is time to seek professional help!  Foam roller is failing me.

I finished last in my age category so I was pretty sad about it.
750M Swim/30km Bike/7.6km Run
Time 2:18  11/11AG    158/181 Overall.

Finished - Doing the happy dance.
John tried to help me feel better by saying I am not training for short distance races (interval training).  It made me feel better but if that is the case why did he place 4th in his age category and he is not training for short races!?  It's all good though.  He is an incredible athlete and much more competitive then I am.  I just do it for the sake of doing it (and to tell people about it!) as well as staying in shape (somewhat).  HEHE


  1. I'd still tap that even if you are last place ;) lol

    You did GREAT! DFL > DNF > DNS

    Dead fuckin last is greater than did not finish which is greater than did not start.

    You are not training for speed, you're training for endurance. I only did well because I trained for a bit of speed, and there wasn't much competition that weekend.

    I'm so proud of you! You're awesome!!
    And we get to do it together :)

  2. Congrats Fran! Excellent swim, you caught up with people in the second wave. In my case is the other way around, people from later waves are catching up with me :-(.

    Congrats again! You left it all on the course, you finished and you did it together with John. That's all that matters! Don't be disappointed about your speed, you were limping after all.

  3. Great job!!! You should be proud of your race. It's nice to get your point of view.

    Sure hope you get the ITB problems solved.

  4. Nice job Fran!! You finished and you did well, who cares where you placed. John is right and do NOT ever tell him I said that.

  5. Nice work Fran!! You did so awesome!! I never pay attention to where I place because I don't race for that reason. Way to go.

    See you in 12 days.