Friday, June 24, 2011

Toronto Women's Half Marathon: May 29, 2011 - Race Report

Ok, I am a little late posting my race experience but better late then never, right?  Where do I start?  I am not one for fluffing things up.  I just mostly say how it is and that's about it.  So knowing that, this race report will probably be on the short side... as most of my posts are!  :)
About 3km into the Race- Am I done yet?
This is my first half marathon...  first ever running only race actually.  I was sooooo  soooooo nervous the couple of days leading up to the race that I was in the bathroom ALOT.  I think I lost about 2 pounds!  lol   Race morning we were up at 4, I ate my blueberry mini-wheat's and a banana, then were out the door.  We offered to pick up a friend in Toronto, Renu Bourne, as this was her first half marathon as well.  Once we got I checked out my race kit she picked up for me, put on my bib number and headed to Sunnybrook Park where the race was being held.  We parked and walked about a block to the park.  As were were walking my stomach started gurgling again..   Oh no!!!    
I warmed up with Renu.  I made her do some high knees, butt kicks and these horsey trot things (I'm not sure what they are called)  John got video of us.  It is pretty funny! 

Firefighter calendar boys!

Race start - some deep breathing and we are off.  The butterflies lasted for 2kms.  The race course was three out and backs but the course was changed a bit because of flooding so there were some turn arounds added to each of the three out and backs.  I did not like this at all.  Now you have to slow down that much more!  My first 10km I had done in an hour..... after that I slowed down and my last 5km were really tough, more mental toughness I think!  At the 18km mark the bottom of my left foot had some pain and my legs were starting to feel heavy.  There were some nice pick-me-up features in this race. 1) The Toronto Fire-fighter calender boys were on the course handing our water to us.  We passed them three time and the last time passing by was most pleasant.....  They had their shirts off.  :)    2) At the 20km mark they had a chocolate station were they handed out Cadbury chocolate bars.  I took one but did not want to eat it at that time and decided I did not want to hold it either so I threw out out at the next water station.  As I was reaching the finisher shoot I can hear all the people cheering so I picked up my pace...  as much as I could, which was not alot.  I was so glad that it would be over but it seemed like the moment was in slow motion.  It took forever to get to that finish line!  At last, I finished in 2:15:59 chip time.  Average pace 6:27.  AG place 117/209, Overall 531/1116.

The race course was not closed to the public John ran the course to get in his long run.  He started running about 30min before the race started.  This way he could take pics of me throughout the race.  I was soooo happy to see him.  It makes me smile when he is there cheering for me.  After the race we spent the afternoon at Renu's house with her husband and kids. We ordered some pizza and enjoyed the sun that finally decided to come out.  My IT band started getting tight as we were sitting there and as of today I am still trying to loosen it. 
Approx 7km to go.  My legs are starting to feel heavy!
LOL  ;)
I ran twice since the race and can get about 5-6km in but then my IT band will instantly get tight.  I have a rolling pin at work to roll it out and have the foam roller (pool noodle) at home.  Gawd that hurts.  There are some BIG knots in there!  I have a triathlon this Sunday so I hope it is better by then!! 
We are done.  YES! 

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  1. you did great - I'm so proud of you! You looked good out there!

    Why are there pics of nekkid men on your blog?

    Thats it, I'm posting topless females on mine then. Akshully I might have a couple of yours......