Monday, August 1, 2011

Um, I'm afraid.....VERY afraid

As some of you know I have signed up for a full Ironman.  eekk!

John was very excited when he heard that they were thinking about having another Ironman event in Canada that is local to us, Mount Tremblent, Quebec.  It will be about a 9hr drive for us (maybe a bit longer with rest breaks!).   I was looking to sign up for a full and was contemplating Louisville, Kentucky but this one in Canada would be perfect.  So when the announcement was released John and I were tickled pink.....until we seen the bike profile..  OMG I am going to die!  Some climbs are a 12% grade for 5kms.  Yep, August 19th of 2012 will be the day of my death! Just kidding but seriously, they better have a stretcher and IV ready.  LOL 
I convinced another tri-chick I know to sign up as well.  SO SORRY, Miha!  ;)  We will get through this together!  hehe

IMMT Bike profile = OMFG what have I done!!!???
John entering the finishers chute!  AMAZING!!!!xoxo

John just completed his first full Ironman in Lake Placid on July 24th, 2011 and while he was on the bike course he was thinking about me.  Lake Placid has some BIG hills and BIG descends.  He began to worry about me in Mt. Tremblant.  He told me I am going to die.  That is great.  Thanks Sweetie, that is just what I wanted to hear! Your extraordinary support is truly cherished...  NOT!!!!!! 
Bike check-in
                                                                    Nonetheless, after watching John work so hard during his training which included every single one of his winter long weekend runs in a blizzard, him waking me up twice a week in the morning with music blaring on his trainer and him dragging me to the pool with him kicking and screaming, I see how this dedication has paid off for him.  He did an amazing job and pushed his limits as I would some day like to do.  He is my inspiration and I am so proud of his accomplishment and achieving all of his goals that day!   Being able to witness this entire day and watch all the Ironmen push their bodies to the breaking points, to have met so many wonderful athletes, fellow bloggers and volunteers and the breathtaking beauty of Lake Placid has left me with a desire to register this Ironman event.  My hope is to sign up for 2013 if they can negotiate their contract next year.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

I was going to race the Women's Olympic triathlon this year in Milton but they cancelled this distance so I have no plans to race for the rest of the year.  However, given that Mt. Tremblant is going to be insanely difficult my 'off season' will be a very short one.  I need to work extremely hard on my bike and improve my run significantly.    John and I have been talking and in speaking to TriTwins and his crazy turbo training, I may give it a shot.  John will be much more disciplined then I but that is ok.  He has more passion for cycling!  As for my run, it will progress....  I am patient.  I will continue to run with the Road Rebels and more hill work will be added.  I have to work on my run cadence as well.  Not sure exactly how to do this but I will look into it and if you have any suggestions please let me know! 
Who's that HOT guy getting body marked?  YUM yum
Chalk for my Ironman!

John and me at the top of Whiteface mountain.  Lake Placid is in the background. 

John telling Dylan how to clip in and out of the pedals.
I think he is ready for a triathlon!  :)
                                                                          With all of our races and training John and I have inspired one of our sons.  He told us the day after Johns Ironman that he wanted to start running and wants to give triathlon a try!  WOOHOO..  This is fantastic and very exciting.  We both know that Dylan will rock this!  He is a very strong swimmer and natural athlete.  When he was in high school the swim coach and gym teachers strongly urged Dylan to sign up for the swim team after seeing him in the pool.  They were even approaching our other son to convince his brother to join.  Dylan was not one for the competitive pressure I guess.  This is ok though.  You grow stronger and confident the more mature you get...... .... 'mature' in some cases.  LOL    A great support team helps too and we are there for him.  GOOOOO DYLAN!  John fit Dylan on his cross bike last night and got him used to the clipless pedals.  He looked confident on the bike.   John is going to build back up the LeMond for him as we used parts off of it for my bike.  Today we are planning to take him out for a short bike ride and maybe an open water swim.  Soooo exciting!  Now we just have to get him registered for a race towards the end of the season.


  1. Love the new look here! I'm very excited to follow your progress as you train for next year. I think you will do fantastic and very exciting about your son getting in to it! Nice to see some pics from John's race too as I not so patiently wait for a race report......

  2. Thanks Julie, new "A" race = new blog look! John has posted his race report now. Enjoy! :)

  3. Fear is good!
    ESPECIALLY when it comes to an IM...I had much of it

    great pics - love the chalk and the whiteface pic very cool!

    great to see / meet you guys in LP!


  4. You are going to kill it at IMMT, I have NO doubt. Wonder if I can get a hotel to come cheer you on. Is John ever going to post a race report? Sheesh!

  5. I'm feeling the same way about the IMMT hills. 12% is a bit steep. Good luck with the training.