Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And so it begins

It has been quite a while since I have posted but I have been enjoying my 'off time'.
John and I have been relaxing and eating.  lol   We took some holidays in Algonquin for a 5 day canoe & portage trip.  Then we came home, picked up the boys and went back up again for three days of camping and hiking.  The weather was phenomenal. The fresh autumn air, the beauty and colours, it restores my mind and soul..  I love Algonquin!!!!!!!  :)

Vacation time over, let the base training begin
I am going to need a STRONG base before my IMMT training starts in January, so John and I (ok John) has completed my program using what he used last year for Lake Placid.  As a bonus, as he is training for a Double Ironman, which means he needs to slow his pace down, we can train together!  (Unlike last year when I was left in the dust!)  lol
I love that we can do this together.  On Sunday, we ran 17kms.  He perfects my form, keeps me motivated and kicks my a$$ when I my mind gets me down.  Which can be often!  My own personal coach.  I am so lucky! 

Tonight, John was going to be late coming home from a conference. While driving home from work I knew I needed to get a 10km run in by myself.  But those 'nasty, lazy' thoughts were in the back of my mind.  Thoughts like, 'do I want to run?', 'do I have to run?', 'I'm too tired to run!'.......  So as soon as I got home I quickly changed and ran out the door before I sat down or anything came up to hold me back.  I am happy to say I got an 11km run in.  It felt strong and so proud that I got out there on my own.  I attacked all the hills with fierceness!   Dear, Nasty, Lazy thoughts.... Bugger off, I am on a mission! 


  1. Wow! Canada is pretty!

    Good luck as you start your training!

  2. Way to go Fran!! It's so hard to do it on your own. Maybe on a very slow training day you and I can do some stuff together.. I can't wait for this upcoming season.

    Love the pics!! But seriously I doubt it's going to be that nice when I get there today. BOOOOOOO

  3. I'm so looking forward to following your journey!

    Beautiful pics!