Thursday, November 10, 2011

What to say? hmm

I am finding it hard to find time or the creativity to write my posts.  I am not a very good writer and I am one to just say things how they are with no real fluff involved. 

That said, I am happy to say that I have been hitting all my runs this and last month.  I run about 11kms on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a long, slow run (16km) on the weekend.  Woohoo.  However, all of these runs have been on routes that have hills.  John says they are not big hills, but they are for me.  So I have a bit of pain in my right achilles and it feels really bruised just to the right of my inside right ankle.  I am not sure if this has to do with the achilles but I have been stretching it like crazy. To be safe I am going to take a week off from running.  Plus my left IT band is tight.  The good ol' foam roller aka pool noodle is back in action.  It is not enough pain to even notice really when I am running but it is there.  I figure as I am just base training now there is no need to push that hard.   can afford to rest for a bit.

John and I resting while on my first century ride!  :)
      In the meantime, my bike is going to need some work.  John and I have been getting up in the mornings twice a week to bike in our pain cave (ok, I didn't get up this morning with him but I rode tonight to make up for it) and I have to work on my cadence.  ALOT, so John says.  I agree with him.  I love having him coach me.  So tonight I pedaled my little arse off and my average cadence was about 85rpm.  It was hard!  I was sweating like a pig.  Good thing I set up the pain cave equipped with a big fan... ... right in front of me.  :)  Work*On*Cadence... this is my goal for the next couple of months.

With regards to my swimming, I have only been in the pool once in the last month.  I felt good but I hate the fact that our pool hours SUCK the big one.  It is the Wayne Gretzky Centre for crying out loud.  You would think that they'd have more then just one hour or one and a half hours of length swimming in the evening.  They have length swimming in the mornings for a measly hour long and it starts at 7am. Well I have to be at work by 8am so this does not work for me and I am sure not for many others.  I personally, like to come home, get my workout in and then unwind for the day.  Not come home rush to make supper, half ass relax, then go to the pool at 8:30pm, home at 9:45pm, then unwind and try to go to bed.  Like I said, it SUCKS!  The good news is that the Centre is undergoing a $50M+ renovation project right now and it includes the construction of another 25M pool.  I HOPE that this is strickly for lap swimming with better, more convenient hours!  Lets keep our fingers crossed!!


  1. Great job!!! John is right on the cadence thing. It will help you out BIG time come the longer rides. The even more interesting thing is that the cadence should carry over to your run as well!

    Same cadence, so just keep your rhythm on the run after the bike.

    Keep up the good work! It will be a HUGE payoff!

  2. Love the pic, you two are so cute. :)

    Great job on the training especially that running!