Friday, May 11, 2012


I was reading the 'Get Out There' magazine and I came across a great poem written by a 60-year old age-grouper from Oakville, ON that I wanted to share - he has completed many triathlons and three Ironmans.  Hope you enjoy - 'cause I know I did!

In my world
the water is cold,
the wind is unrelenting,
and the road ends at the horizon.

In my world,
there are no limits,
there is no end,
no past or future, just now.

In my world,
there are no losers,
only the inspired,
chasing their dreams.

In my world,
the people are extreme,
for limits, like fears,
are often illusions.

In my world,
it's about stretching the boundaries,
to experience those incredible moments,
that inspire all other memories in your life.

In my world,
to simply exist is not good enough,
it's about digging deeper,
about not just living, but really living.

In my world,
the pain of pushing yourself pales,
next to the pain of regret,
and the bragging rights last a lifetime.

In my world,
it's not about finishing first,
it's about being unafraid to go places,
you never thought possible.

In my world,
emotion trumps effort,
and success is not measured in medals,
but in guts and determination.

In my world,
to finish is to win,
changing your life forever,
emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially.

In my world,
it's about the competition, and
the memories you've earned the right to cherish,
every single day for the rest of your life.

In my world,
there are only dreamers,
some say dreams never do come true,
I say they're wrong, I know they do.

In my world,
the word "can't" does not exist,
and we scream from the mountaintops,

Because, in my world,
if you have to ask why,
you will never understand,
for I am one of just 72,000.


  1. Love this!! And sorry I missed your update.. Just catching up on blogs now.