Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost habit

As Matty-O said to me on my last post, "come March you had better get your head in the right place and just do NOT think about working out, just do it".  Well Matt, I am Doing IT!  ;)
The last 3.5 weeks have been spot on.  I have not dreaded dragging my butt to the pool at 8pm and  I have decided to start running during my lunch hours, which helps A LOT.  We do not have showers at work so I just use baby wipes, lots of body spray and deodorant to mask my smell!  lol  My hair is never the best after but oh well.  Ya don't like it, don't look at me!  HAHA   I only missed last Thursdays training day but my priority was my son that day. 

Here is the story:

Dylan was at college Thursday and messaged me saying he got bit by something, the swelling was the size of a toonie (got much bigger as the hours passed) and that there was a red path going up his arm (to his armpit to be exact).  I told him to go to the medical clinic they have in the school asap. When he did as the infection progressed SO quickly they immediately put him in a cab that took him to emergency where as soon as they seen him they called the doctor and hooked him up to IV antibiotics right away. The doctor cannot say for sure what exactly caused this but diagnosed him with cellulitis. You can see on his wrist where something did bit him though...spider maybe!  They put an IV shunt in his arm as the CCAC nurse came to hook up a an IV pump to him at our house that night which supplied a very strong antibiotic right into his blood stream every 8 hours, plus he is on an oral antibiotic prescription, plus the nurse came to the house for the next three days to change the IV bag and monitor him. We had to go back to the hospital yesterday for a follow up and the doctor said that it looked very good and after his last does of the IV meds we can take the pump off him. SOOO scary!  We are now going to put Dylan in a bubble.  ;)

More on the training, about 10 of us who are participating in IMMT are renting a cottage in Mont Tremblant in June to go pre-ride and pre-run the IM course.  I am really looking forward to this!  


  1. You are a rockstar!! MIchelle and I were just talking about IMMT and how much fun we're going to have there.

    So glad Dylan is feeling better, that is crazy!!

  2. HOLY SHIT! Poor guy that looks miserable! Glad they caught it fast and have him on treatment already.

    Nice work on getting the workouts in! Trust me, not many of us actually WANT to workout 24/7 haha. But it's just something you have to do to get the payoff you are seeking. It's only 23 more weeks or whatever, it will go by VERY fast.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow that is crazy scary!!!! So glad things are going better.

    Good job on getting back in the groove!