Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yeah - I KNOW, stop nagging me!!!!!!!!!!!
Me - I'm going to get up early tomorrow to get some sort of work out in
Me in the morning - ummm..... no (goes back to sleep)
Me on the way home from work - I feel good, as soon as I get home and am going to get some sort of workout in
Me at home - uummm....  fuck it ( assumes the position of couch potato until bed)

Repeat, repeat, repeat

I've got problems........and food is calling to me....  all kinds of food.  They won't stop calling to me!   

What the hell Fran?!?!?  Only 24 weeks till IMMT..  get with it will ya!!!!   Dork! 


  1. read this blog

  2. The training is always harder than the race! Hope you are able to find some motivation! I always fight with my bed about morning workouts too, and my bed always wins! Stupid warm soft snuggly blankets...they are EVIL!

  3. Just start...once you have one day the next is easier and pretty soon you will be right back in the groove. Sometimes we just need a little break.

  4. If you're not gonna train then the least you could be doing is making my lunches...


    That is all, carry on...

  5. Thanks for the link, Peter!
    I hope to find some motivation, REAL SOON! Warmer weather and long sunny days would help!

  6. i'd tell that lazy-no-good-IM Finisher-sorry-excuse-for-a-husband to make his own damn lunches if i were you

    Seriously. as Julie said, start small but just get started otherwise it will be a long and painful day come Aug 19th