Friday, January 7, 2011


So after our swim on Wednesday we went to sit in the sauna.  John and I started chatting with another guy about the lady that John bunts heads with and her husband that swim there regularly.  Story is that this lady and her husband have been going to the Gretzky Centre since it was built.  They are both in their 70's and swim about 2500 meters twice a day or something like that!!!  This gentlemen goes on to tell us about the amazing trips that this couple go on.  The trip they just did in 2010 was a 40 day self-supported bike trip through the bottom of Europe.  HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT!!!   They have done many other trips like this and I truly aspire to be like them at their age.  And you should see this ladies legs, WOW.  I caught a glimpse of her getting out of the pool one day and thought 'holy smokes, she's got better legs then me, so jealous!'  lol
John and I have the world in front of us.  In March, our boys are 19, 18 and 14.  Our two older two are starting college in the fall and our youngest, we just completed his high school registration forms this week.  Where has the time gone?? To think, in 5 years we will be pretty much be empty nesters and still be under the age of 40.  Well, I will be cough, cough, forty, cough and John will be 37. 
OMG, I can't be an empty nester.... that means I will be alone with 'him'--------->
Regardless of the fear I feel being all alone with this man I am sure we will make the best of it! LOL
In 5 years we will be able to do what this older couple is doing in their 70's and I cannot tell you how excited that makes me. 

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 


  1. With the kids gone - Does that increase my odds? What are the chances of me getting laid? They should increase right??


    just sayin'.

  2. Cant believe you guys have college kids!!! unreal!!

    Im so far off from even touching that story of a trip with my wife and biking or swimming together or empty nesting...right now its game on with twin 5 year olds and an 8 year old....but its great and I do enjoy it!!

  3. You still have a few years to go before you are an empty nester. My friends son still lives with them and he's 27!!

  4. Oh that's a painful thought. I'm more than 10 years older than you and my kids are more than 10 years younger than yours......ouch