Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day one

Last week I created a training program by using a sample from a website I've been reading, beginner triathlete, and I also incorporated another program from a half marathon plan. I had to make some adjustments so that it fit my own schedule.  It looks good (I think, as I have really no idea what I am doing) so now I just have to stick to it.
I am 35 years young, 5'4" in height and starting this blog the following are my current measurements (used from our Tanita Body Composition Monitor):
Weight - 129.4lbs (I was 128.6 yesterday but we went to the movies last night to see Tron and I ate half a the bag of popcorn with LOADS of salty ketchup seasoning, my bad!)
Body fat - 29.2% (healthy is 21 - 36%)
Water - 49.2% (normal is 45 - 60%)
Muscle Mass - 87.5 lbs
Bone Mass - 4.6 lbs (normal for my weight is 5.3)  I must have a small skeleton!  lol ;)

Chest - 35"    Waist - 28"     Hips- 35"   Thigh - 22"       Calf - 13 3/4"    Bicep - 11    Neck - 12 1/2" 

This is my photo.....  not so glorious, I know. 

But once a month I will update this photo and my measurements in hopes to see my progress which will keep me motivated.
I do not have any kind of weight goal as my priority is to finish my HIM in a respectable time.  Last year in my triathlon races I finished in the bottom quarter in my age group.  This year it would be really nice to finish in the first or second quarter.  I hope I have not set the standard too high for myself!  The first quarter is probably far fetched but the second is doable.


    Yah, I'd tap that.
    Just sayin'

  2. Tell John to cook his own damn supper the perv. :) Good luck with training, you are going to rock it.

  3. Thanks for the support Mandy. Knowing people are watching me will help with the motivation as I do not want to look like a failure! lol ;)