Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I ran 5km on Monday and again today.  I think the next time I will put a thicker layer on the legs or maybe a wind breaker type pant as my legs were heavy and frozen today.  It was like picking up bricks.  Does this count as brick training????  LOL. 
Yesterday I went to the gym and did 45 min on the stationary bike and about halfway through my knees were killing me.  They never hurt like that when I am riding on the road or mountain biking.  I think from now on I will just swap Johns bike off the trainer and put mine on it and experience the unpopular pain cave! I am not looking forward to that.  :(
I am off to the pool tonight as well.  This training couldn't come at a better time.  My two older sons and their college/university choices have my mind totally occupied and I could not concentrate at work at all today.  The run was a saving grace and was able to distract me from it, even if only for a half an hour. 
A girlfriend (she will be participating in the Toronto Women's Half Marathon as well) from work came to me today and said she had a great idea and she did need to twist my arm to buy into it.  There is a spare room at work and during break we will perform some core exercises twice a week.  This is perfect for me as I need all the core I can get and my evenings are already full.  
Wish my post was a little more interesting but I gotta go to the pool now.   Keep smiling!


  1. You just have to put your foot on the right spot of the pedal at the gym, that is all.
    I thought your bike didn't fit you and all that nonsense? If it's good enough to do on the trainer, then I guess you dont need a new one then! :)
    I missed the part WHEERE I MADE DINNER! yeh that's right, that's a miracle in itself. I didn't even get credit :( Not even a kiss and thank-you. boohoo.

  2. Oh I didn't mention that you made supper, burnt pizza! Sorry! lol Ok, well my pizza was good but yours was burnt. ;)

  3. hiya chick, finally got you on my blogroll today so I won't miss out on any updates. Did i see you tweet or facebook that the half is already sold out?

  4. Yes I FB'd, the half marathon is already sold out! :(
    I'm guessing you did not get a chance to register??

  5. Get used to the cold!! it looks like subzero (F) days for the next 10 days for us too

    LOVE the idea of the core room!!