Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My BIG road bike

My husband was fortunate enough to have a 1997 LeMond Zurich given to him and with him out road riding I was feeling sad 'cause I wanted to ride too!!  He kept saying "you will hate road riding" as he was not fond of it.  Traffic, crazy drivers, pot holes, ect.  But with enough whining we bought a used road bike two years ago for my birthday.  It is a 54cm, triple butted, Miyata - Seven Ten.  I can't remember the year but it was built in the 1980's I think.  The Miyata weighs a ton compared to John's bike, even if it is triple butted!!!  It is so classic that the shifters are on the down tube!  The Seven Ten is considered Miyata's higher end model "at that time". Excellent Japanese steel. Great condition vintage bike, so John says, but it is plainly too big for me and has quite a bit of rust.  Not pretty at all!
Let me back up a bit and start from where I was made aware of the bike being too big for me as I am a little naive when it comes to bike mechanics (not to mention that John brainwashes me to believe otherwise).  In the summer of 2010 I was mounting biking with a wickedly awesome group of hard-core girls and one day I got an email asking if anyone was interested is going for a road ride.  I immediately said yes and we met the next morning.  So I show up, she looked at my bike and you should have seen her face.  It was the look of 'WTF are you riding!!!!??'  Before I even got on she said it was too big for me.  After our ride we stopped at the BEST cafe.  Domestique-Cafe Cyclo Sportif for a latte. Btw, they have the BEST chocolate croissants ever. YUM.  But while going into the cafe we ran into the owner of Freewheel Cycle in Dundas and from across the parking lot he seen my bike and said "someone needs a bike that fits them!!"  Now what does that tell ya!?

So a while ago, John creatively directed the infamous 'Frans Bike' video.  One comment that was made on FB was "it's hard to believe it's a text-to-video and not a direct recording of a real conversation", Mr. Bourne, how bang on you are!.... LOL.  The seat is SOOOO low I am sitting directly on the seat tube and I am reaching as far as I can and still not resting on the hoodies.  The stem...  oh wait, there is no stem. My handle bar sits directly on top of the headset.  Yes, when we got the bike we had to switch the stem to a BMX stem to shorten my reach, which obviously did not work.  Finally there are the shifters.  They are on the down tube.  Classic!  The conclusion is simple... It is ugly, it does not fit me and I need a new bike! ;)

With two years of complaining John has finally agreed that I need a new bike.... especially since I will be competing in the Peterborough HIM this year.  So off we went to Adena's house as she so graciouly let John size me up on her George.  A sexy, 51cm, Cannondale.  Needless to say it was a tad too big for me.  Yes, I am a midget!  Hehehe   NOW, John is seeing the light! 

We found a nude carbon frame that we are going to buy and my wonderful husband is going to build me a beautiful bike.  I got to pick out the wheels and it is going to look super h0t!!  I am so excited!

Here is a pic of the bike frame that inspired us.  Look at that nice thick carbon weave.  Sexy, isnt' it?!  I can't wait to see and share with you the finish product.


  1. No, no - Those people just want to sell you a bike. There is nothing wrong with the one you got.

    Shit. I think she's onto me.

  2. dont listen to John
    that bike is tight-a MUST have!
    cant wait to see the complete package:)

  3. It doesn't fit me!! hahah I can't wait for your new bike and for us to go riding!! course I'll be pedaling like mad behind you, hey Fran, wait up!!!

  4. I think that John will just come up with another strategy to postpone buying you a bike. I'll believe that you convinced him when I see the finished bike :-).

    BTW, there's the bike expo in Toronto on May 4-6th, where usually they have some very, very good deals.

    Glad to hear that you are doing Peterborough HIM. Miha and I are doing it as well.